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Kettys Taste of Cyprus Kettys Taste of Cyprus Kettys Taste of Cyprus

Desserts @ Kettys Taste of Cyprus


Baklava £5.50
Layers of fillo pastry, honey and nut with ice cream.

Chocolate orange mousse £6.50
Served with cream or Ice cream.

Kateifi Kateifi £5.50
Shredded pastry filled with nuts and honey, with ice cream.

Greek yogourt £5.00
Served with honey and flaked almonds or fresh fruit.

Kettys trilece £4.50
An irresistible sweet treat that melts in the mouth, the cake of three milks, topped with liquid caramel.

Home made Rizogalo £4.50
Greek rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon.

Lemon Tart £6.50
Served with cream or ice cream.

Fresh fruit £3.50