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Kettys Taste of Cyprus Kettys Taste of Cyprus Kettys Taste of Cyprus

Appetizers @ Kettys Taste of Cyprus


Mixed Olives £3.50
Selection of olives served with village bread and olive oil.

Houmous £4.95
Chick peas pureed with olive oil,lemon juice, garlic and tahini.

Tzatziki £4.95
Greek yogurt combined with cucumber,mint and garlic.

Taramosalata £4.95
Creamy blend of smoked cod roe, olive oil and lemon Juice.

Pantzarosalata £5.50
Shredded beetroot with green apples and walnuts.

Potato Salad £4.95
Cyprus cubed potatoes with fresh coriander and olive oil.

Gigantes £4.95
Butter beans in tomato sauce.

Trio of cold appetizers £8.50
Choose any three from the above.

Feta cheese £2.95


Halloumi £5.95
Charcoal grilled Cypriot goat cheese.

Keftedes £5.95
Savoury meatballs.

Dolmades £5.95
Vine leaf parcels stuffed with mince, rice and anomatic herbs.

Vegetarian Dolmades £5.50

Papoutsakia £6.50
Stuffed eggplant with minced beef and aromatic herbs.

Vegetarian Papoutsakia £6.25

Koupes £5.75
Cracked wheat shells filled with minced pork and herbs.

Vegetarian Koupes £5.50

Spanakopitta filo pastry £6.50
Parcels of spinach and fetta cheese.

Imam Bayeldi £6.50
Sauteed aubergines, red peppers, onions and courgettes,marinated in garlic and herbs.

Lountza £5.50
Grilled smoked pork loin.

Loukaniko £5.50
Chargrilled Cypriot sausage made of pork, mix spices and red wine.

Pastourma £5.95
Grilled spicy beef sausage.

Marides £6.50
Crisp fried white bait.

Garides £8.95
Grilled king prawns in garlic butter.

Kalamari £6.95
Squid rings lightly battered and deep fried.

Sardeles £7.50
Served with a spicy tomato salsa.

Octapodi £9.50
Grilled octapus marinated in red wine.